Friday, October 2, 2015

On Poetry Friday, I post the last of 4 Etheree poems (Two single and two double) I wrote this month.  The other three can be found in recent posts.  Given that it's October 2nd today, I though it was appropriate to post one about autumn.

Fall’s upon us
(Written by John Christian Lewis; all rights reserved)

autumn anew
golden-rod carpets
brush of northern breezes
cinnamon apple butter
cadmium colors arising
haystacks dot fields as balers rumble by
crunch crunch crunch over crispy crinkled leaves

sweatered sweethearts cuddle by bonfire’s blaze
sparrows, heron, warblers flocking south
Hay rides, drinking apple cider
pumpkin spice in everything
spattered long-ways sunlight
sun sets sooner now
cornfield mazes
cooler days
time of

1 comment:

  1. Oh, these just make me LONG for it to get even a little cooler, faster. I also just NEED a goldenrod carpet, just because. These are lovely!