Thursday, March 12, 2015

February's form was the Villanelle.

I struggled with this form at first.  My mind felt pinned down in places by the rules; forced to color within the lines.  Phrases that flowed beautifully in my head were truncated by limitations set by the requirements.  I tripped over the fundamentals at first, rushing to create.  But as I worked, I came to appreciate the challenge of expressing myself within the structure of the Villanelle.  

I created two poems for February, each very different.  Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them


The Universe laughed and sent to me
A gift of wonder beyond compare
My daughter, my joy, my Emily

She entered this world so noisily
Bawling and red, big head sans hair
The Universe laughed and sent to me

Blue eyes, blond mane, a soul so free
IQ galore, a lion’s roar, compassion so rare
My child, my love, my Emily

Together we dreamed of what she might be
But life as we know, is often unfair
The Universe cringed and sent to she

A cancer that came so cunningly
Undaunted by chemo, guts or prayer
It cut down my child, my Emily

Her life’s message for you and for me?
 “Love life as a gift and never despair”
The Universe cried and took from me
My precious child, my Emily


metabolic stall
suspended animation

what mollusks call

what reptiles call
suspended animation

beware of desiccation!
dryness will forestall

le mot en français, after all
suspendu animation

respite from creation
life slows to a crawl
suspended animation

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