Friday, March 13, 2015

The Tanka was the next form in line for my discovery.  After the much longer Villanelle, the Tanka was simple, beautiful and really fun to construct.  The 5 7 5 7 7 syllable rhythm pattern that holds the form together is subtle and perfectly balanced. Each one is small, unique and packed with a lot of flavor...I think of them as poetic jellybeans.  Can't write just one. 

I wrote three for March and will likely write more in the future since I enjoyed them so much.  However, the Poetry Seven decided they would take on the challenge of the Sestina for March instead.  No worries, I took on that as well and will post my submission tomorrow. 

Three Tankas for today.  (Do not make the mistake a dear friend of mine made and read all three in succession with the belief it was a three stanza form.  Enjoy each "jellybean" separately.)

Foggy tendrils cling
To posts and drains and hydrants
Misty gray wraps us
Muffling our home-bound footsteps
Shielding our presence from view

Slot barnacles play
In the smoky wee morn hour
I stagger to bed
What happens in Vegas stays
Cash, dreams and bits of my soul

Thunder booms on high
The torrent goes on and on
I rise to the source
Tears of God’s joy heal my soul
I am quenched, no longer scarred

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  1. I actually need to try one of these; I feel a little cheated since we've reshuffled our list! These do work beautifully.